Fox News’s Eric Bolling: Schools ‘pushing the liberal agenda’ by teaching algebra



(The Raw Story) - Fox News host Eric Bolling on Wednesday accused some schools of “pushing the liberal agenda” for teaching an algebra lesson about the distributive property.

During a segment about “indoctrination in schools,” Bolling reminded viewers of a 2009 video of children chanting, “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Barack Hussein Obama,” which outraged conservatives at the time.

“But even worse is the way some textbooks are pushing the liberal agenda,” the Fox News host explained, pointing to an algebra worksheet that Scholastic says gives students “[i]nsight into the distributive property as it applies to multiplication.”

“Distribute the wealth!” Bolling exclaimed, reading the worksheet. “Distribute the wealth with the lovely rich girl with a big ole bag of money, handing some money out.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle explained that the algebra worksheet had put her on “high alert” for the liberal agenda in her 6-year-old son’s curriculum.

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I would say the ignorance on display here here is astounding, but in all honesty, I’m not astounded. This seems pretty par for the course when it comes to Fox.

This is a blatant example of exploiting the ignorance of viewers by taking a concept with a name that is similar to a concept that conservatives fear (wealth redistribution) and associating it even though they have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other and vilifying education in the process.

The Distributive Property is an elementary concept in algebra that refers to rules of placement and has no relation what so ever to wealth redistribution.

Wait, a 6-year-old was doing algebra? Wow. Anyways. Yeah. The worksheet in question (available at link) is titled “Distribute the Wealth” but the problems are just straightforward numeric algebra problems. If the liberal agenda has only gotten as far as tongue-in-cheek titles for grade school worksheets, guys, we are really far behind on this whole “indoctrinating the youths” thing.

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